Do you offer parcel post?

With postage fees going up and up I have started to offer parcel post as well as priority with my dolls. My last doll sold for only $101.00 so I made virtually no profit at all. I loved making the reborn and was glad it sold but I did offer parcel post and indicated that it will take longer to receive. Selling a doll for this little, I really can’t carry part of the priority postage but I’m afraid I’ll get nicked on the shipping time. It’s supposed to be the time it takes the seller to mail the doll out and not the actual time to get to the buyer. Priority shipping is so high now. I see some sellers charge a flat fee of $25.00 or around that amount and still ship priority but their dolls usually sell for more than mine. I’m going to put in my next listing, that if the doll sells for $250.00 at least I’ll mail it priority even if the buyer selects parcel post. Just wanted to get some thoughts on this from other reborners.


Good question. Personally, I sell my babies using a “flat rate shipping charge” on ebay. I use parcel post and charge only $15.00-$18.00 for shipping which normally covers parcel post perfectly. People are normally fine with the shipping time. I have 100% positive feedback and I ship parcel post a lot. Now, I use “flat rate shipping charge” because I do not want to put parcel post as sometimes I am able to ship them priority for that priceline. Example: Sometimes priority is $17.20 and they paid $18.00 shipping so I ship priority. I feel customers really look for a fair shipping price. Also, always take into account a flat rate priority large box. A lot of reborns will fit in that, and that is $13.95 for any weight up to 70 lbs…

Okay enough babbling out of me. HEHE…

Hope this helped.

Thank you. Great feedback from you. Lots of really good information for me.