Do you know this lady?

Hello everyone. Does anyone on here happen to know Ouida Purdy of Louisiana, ebay member purdywoman001? I am having some problems completing a transaction. She has quit contacting me completely. I purchased a custom reborn from her, paid her 1/2 as a deposit, plus purchased the doll myself & sent that to her. It has been nearly 3 months and she will not return any of my messages or phone calls (I called her once and left a very polite message to please call me back). I wondered in anyone knew her and could maybe speak to her on my behalf. Thanks so much ladies.

I’ve not dealt with her, but name sounds familiar. Was someone else having trouble with her in the past? I’m so sorry you’re having problems. Hope it gets sorted out very soon!

You are not the first person to have problems with her. I am working on a custom for someone and the very same thing happened to her. She even purchased the kit because this purdywoman person didn’t have the money to get it for her. When she asks about the reborn, she is told that family comes first and she takes care of her kids before she does the reborns.

My suggestion is that you contact ebay ASAP.

Thanks Noniesgirl for your reply. I think we are both on RAD, not sure if you’ve heard this story from me on there. I wonder if your customer would mind if I contacted them. I would love to talk to them about their experience with this person as well. Would you please ask them if they would mind if I emailed them to talk. Also, your welcome to give them my email: I’m wondering how long ago they placed their order cuz mine was ordered back in August. Thanks so much!

I will ask her and see. She ordered in JUNE and still hasn’t gotten her doll.

Yes, I am on RAD but I know I have also read about someone else on another forum.

The name sounds familiar to me as well…not sure why but it was ringing a bell!!!

Hope you get your baby!

Thanks ladies. Yes Nonie, if you will please ask your client is I can contact them, and pass along my email as well. Thanks so much!

I’m not familiar with the Paci club, but I’ll look into it. Maybe I’ll have some luck finder her there. Thanks for the info!

Doll Fan has a paci club but I’ve not seen her there.

Thanks for all the info ladies. I’ll look around on the doll fan website. Nonie please keep me posted as to if I can contact your customer. Thanks!

Oh, does anyone have a link to the doll fan website. Thanks.

Thanks for the link, Jubilee. I’ve posted on there asking if anyone know her. Hopefully I get some bites! Thanks again!