Do You Ever Get These Requests?

A woman from Georgia (I am in NY) says she was on my website and saw one of my dolls she liked and how much was it and could she pay for it in installments. I e-mailed her with the particulars she was looking for and then she wants to know how much a custom would be. I e-mail her with all the information: what doll are you looking for? size? skin tone, hair color, eye color? a photo?, etc.

Then she wants to know if I can call her because she is having difficulty opening her mail? I don’t think I am going to call a non-toll free number to discuss a reborn that she may never even buy. Have any of you had to deal with something like this and what did or what would you do.

I would email her and tell her that PayPal has a pay later option that she is welcome to use, that you do not do installments, unless, of course, you do. All transactions of this nature that I have dealt with only became a problem. I would not attempt to phone her. You must do what you feel is correct for you, but I personally will no longer deal with these kind of transactions.

I would definitely not call if it is a toll-free number. No one has those for personal use so that would be a red flag for me. Not sure why she would ask for a price if she hasn’t told you any details of what she is wanting. Unless she is really ignorant of the wide range of kits available and their wide range of prices too. If she is that uninformed why isn’t she starting out with a doll that isn’t a custom? I also don’t see why she is having problems opening her mail and apparently not worried about fixing that. Whole thing sounds off and you haven’t even gotten to making the doll!

I have no intention of calling her - - - - - I figure once she “gets her e-mail straightened out”, if she is really interested she will contact me again.

thanks, Susan. It is actually a cell phone number that she wanted me to call or text. I do all my communication thru e-mail so I am not going to deviate.