Do you EVER accept a money order?

Make sure if you do that you show it to a banker and make sure it’s a real money order. Don’t just deposit it in your account. If it is bad and they cash it for you and then it’s found to be counterfeit they will charge your account. I had that happen to me before. The banker caught it before I deposited but told me what would have happened had I deposited it first. So just be careful.

Just take a us postal money order. Once you receive the money order take it to the post office make sure it’s ok and cash it. Then send the doll.
It is better to have a money order then there is no way they can decide to file a snad, or want to return the doll and get their money back.
Buyer’s have not protection when sending money order’s.
Money’s order’s (as long as they are real ) are cash in your pocket with no worries.

I love Money orders and have never had a problem with one! No paypal fees! It is true that you can take them you just can not put in your auction that you do…they are trying to promote paypal is all…

I do take money orders if the buyer asks me I’ve never had a problem with them. I actually like them better because there are no Paypal fees

I accept money orders and personal checks. I just tell them it takes my bank 7 to 14 days to clear and the baby will not be shipped until then. Saves on paypal fees too