Do not like this baby


Im working on a custom. I really dislike her coloring and lack of detail. The customer gave me a picture of what she wanted skintone wise, it’s just ingrained in me to do the details. Sigh…


Terri, what kit are you doing. I love doing customs because it’s a pre-sold baby but I know what you mean about meeting the client’s expectations. Sometimes it goes against what we do if we were just doing it for the joy of being creative. Show us what you’re working on.


It’s heather.

[size=14]Here is what I have so far…[/size]

[size=14]Her is the skin tone she wants. no mottle, no veins[/size]


The blush is mottled in the photo of what she wants… I think you should at least do that… but I think she is coming along like the customer wantss… just send a progress photo every once in awhile and maybe she will let you put a little more of “YOU” in the baby???


For me, it is a toss-up over whether that would be better. On the one hand, you don’t have the hassle of trying to figure out how to do the veins and whether the mottling is too much but you are right in that half the fun is doing that part and making the baby come alive. Just realize that the lack of details will make this doll get done faster and you can have the money to move on to the next one. Unless she changes her mind and wants you to add the details after all…


I agree with the others just look at it like an easier project.

Looks like you are coming along nicely there towards what she wants. I would suggest that you add more light blush from the patch on the forhead, down the bridge of the nose, a tad on the area under the nose above the lip and also from the cheeks across the fatty parts under the eyes to the nose. All these areas seem to be lightly blushed on the pic you are copying and on your baby it doesn’t look like there is any coloring there. You would want to apply it more subtly than the blushing areas you already have done. That will help to give the face a bit more depth.


Oh you cant help but to really sit on your hands with this one… im doing a custom but i started mottling and getting a little carried away and her sons photo who im working off he is very pale child… i was like opps lighten CRAP!!LOL but she likes the colours i have done which is in no way like her child, but if I did go by the photos it would look (in the nicest way) dead!! !

So yes a easy custom, just hard to to skip “steps” that you would normally take!

looks really good so far!


I wish Heather had more detail in the vinyl but it is such a smoooooooth little head. All of her definition has to come from paint so not being able to do that would be very frustrating. How is it going?
Were you going to root? Show us another pic…please!!!


Yes she will be rooted hopefully cher will be back on her feet soon so i can get my order. Won’t have time to work on her till wed.


Worked a little more on her this morning…


Love those lips!


Terri - I love her!!!