Do I smell a lawsuit? Artists against illegal doll makers


I’m thinking if you don’t want them marking up your dolls to resell, sign your babies with your name and nursery name. That way whoever buys the doll from their store will know who really made it. If they want more, they will look you up. When they see your original price, they will cut out the middle man and go straight to the artist for their next doll. :thinking:


Probably a good idea to do anyway!


They can just change bodies.


Then write it on the back of the head. If they want to go through the trouble of getting rid of an artist’s name, then shame on them. Karma will get them one day. :confused:


I’m not comfortable having my art degraded to build a bear status. Ugh


No doubt in my mind that they will jack up the prices as far as they dare. This may be good for us reborners. It will make our prices look inexpensive.


That video is weird. The lady doesn’t even know what she’s talking about. The man asks why they’re called reborn babies and she says it’s because they tried to recreate a baby from a picture? What?


I know. Hopefully they pull their crap together and research a little more. lol


I always write my name, Nursery name and date on all of the flanges of the limbs and neck flanges.


I agree, I think its great that they are buying from doll artists as well and are not only buying the Chinese knock offs. I live in France so they can buy from me all they want, if they can get more money for them, more power to them. Wish I lived in Florida now, my daughter is there. I should ship her my babies next year and have her go to the show :wink:
Im going to go to a doll show in Paris in November btw…should be fun, my first one, it was even my husbands idea :blush:


I thought the same thing about her. I really don’t think they know what they are doing.


Awesome @Lil Great Hubby!


Just curious, but would there be someway they could be a generic body on the dolls once they have them, thereby doing away with the signed one?


I’m sure they could. They may do that anyway. I would think it’s hard for their business when all dolls are made differently. They would need some way to make it look like they were all made by the same people. I guess artists could come up with a contract having people agree with it upon purchase, saying they know the doll is for private use only and can never be used for retail. We know how well that works with DVD’s (it doesn’t.) But it may turn them away from buying your dolls.
I personally agree with the people who say they can buy all my dolls they want. If they can get more for them, more power to them. But also like someone else said…they are going to have to jack up their prices crazy high, which will in turn, help us. Naturally, people will see their prices, then they will turn to the internet to find the product cheaper.
In summary, my thought is they will probably do fine selling $100 dolls in a build a bear type of way. As for the higher dollar ones, people will browse and swoon. They will decide they just have to have one of those real looking babies. They will say they can’t afford it. They will go home, still wanting one. They will go to google and look up reborn babies for sale. They will end up at, etsy, and eBay and find our dolls. The store should actually help our business.


Exactly my thoughts. :grin:

Their concept is kind of a play on the old Cabbage Patch Babyland General. I think they would do fine with berenger type dolls in a build a bear kind of way. If I was near them, I would take my 4 year old for the experience. She would love it!

Otherwise they are advertising for us. People aren’t blind or stupid… they will see those beautifully painted reborns and end up online buying from one of us anyway. :blush:

But for those that aren’t comfortable, I understand. We really do get attached to our work.


I had a bulk order placed and the delivery address was shipping to their warehouse. They apparently buy in bulk from other artists, macrobaby then sell these babies as their own for thousands more at their stores. No credit to the original artists.
Is this legal? I was just made aware of this by another artist who is going through the same thing from them. I have already spent hundreds out of pocket on kits and supplies. I can’t even afford to cancel them and refund. I just don’t think it’s right. I’d love to be acknowledged for all the hard work I have put into these so far. Any ideas on what I should do? If I write to them they do not answer. I kindly comment and they will delete it.


deleted this comment because it was inaccurate.


How many babies did they order from you? I’m wondering if we should price these babies up? If we don’t they are going to make a killing off of them. I mean, that’s their plan anyway… to make a good enough profit. We should too.


I apologize for my bluntness and will try to be as kind as I can be in telling you what I think.
The truth? Not too many are going to sympathize with you because you have a “bulk order”.
This all does go back to the age old question from beginning of time with Reborns-does the buyer have the right to purchase a Reborn, alter it and resell it as their own? I have always been of the opinion if you as a buyer purchase a Reborn from another Artist, make alterations without effectiveness to the original paint, you have no right to label yourself as the artist of that Reborn. Credit needs to be given to that artist and then you can take credit for the painted or rooted hair (if that is what you altered). If it’s just a body change- no credit, just the mention of it and include the original body…IF someone is reselling the Reborn secondhand, which is basically what they are doing in the real Reborn World-most times you don’t get the COA or even find out who created the Reborn.
Remember this is just my opinion, based on my experiences, it’s not directed at you personally. Seriously, I think what they are doing is rotten, a hangtag on the arm saying who the artist, with information related to the artist would be more honest. It shows it’s just a money game for them, especially when they cannot get the real definition of Reborn down. (somewhere in the recesses of my mind, I recall someone else trying this and it failed)
Okay-now to what should you do? Finish up the order- call it a live and learn lesson. It’s bothering you, if it keeps bothering you, maybe consult an attorney. (By the way, I completely empathize with you) :heart_eyes:


I think the stuffing and weighing section is for factory painted cheap dolls for kids. The expensive hand painted ones are purchased straight off the shelf, I think. I could be wrong. But that’s my interpretation.