Do I smell a lawsuit? Artists against illegal doll makers


I agree with that but what’s that going to do for the reborners who don’t have a second job or any other income they may get upset just a thought I mean I know a lot of reborners only do it as there Main source of income and if they hired reborners from ex. France that May mean less sells for US sellers since there won’t be international fees


Reborns are for ADULTS, though — how are they going to get around that?


Nevermind after I watched the other video I see what you’re talking about. That’s what happens when I don’t read all the replies first lol.


Fact is. Reborning is not what it once was. Its been downgraded to a simple craft that anyone can do and not the art form it once was. I only make dolls now and then because my skill is not appriciated. Everyone thinks its so easy. And stores like this will just add to that. Meh


Looks like they are selling china copies, ones from reborn artists and from babyclon as well. Just thought I would show everyone.


Looks like it.


I agree I live in a small town in Montana but stores like this do not help I thank God I don’t rely on this as my only income cause stores like this around here could cause a huge lose in sales


Are these China kits truly safe for kids???


@Rachelsangels I highly doubt it.


Me to


My friend Jane sold quite a few to them so it was good for her. I imagine it is good for the artists they are buying from. Way to go Jenni on selling them 3. I knew they were going to be there and was wishing they would come to my table. Had no idea how to spot them though.


Every doll I have ever gotten for my children was manufactured in China. Safe or not, who knows, but my oldest is 22 and is doing just fine.

As far as this store goes, I’m not terribly concerned. It’s just one store, right? I also don’t see a problem with their business model. They are buying stuff and marking it up, which is what you are supposed to do when you are running a retail business. Would it be better if they just imported everything from China? I think it’s kind of cool that they bought from individual artists. They are welcome to purchase all of mine. :grin:


I see lots of Berenguer dolls there in the $99 range. Even those are marked way up.
I wouldn’t want them to buy one of my dolls and put it in their store to resell though.
It is one thing when a collector decides to resell a doll since the often move them in and out.
However, for a store to buy your work just to resell it is not Kosher to me.


I’m trying to understand the perspective of artists who feel this way. Perhaps my years in retail are showing, I’m not sure.

They buy dolls from China factories, mark them up and sell them. They buy dolls from factories in Spain, mark them up and sell them. When they buy from individual artists, we become the factory. They pay what we ask for the doll just like they pay whatever other factories ask per piece for their dolls… but this does not make artists happy. Why is that? Because of branding? Are they not going to give the artists credit or something?


JMO, but I think as long as we are charging what we feel our work is worth, if they want to buy from an artist and mark it up, that’s just the way the market works and artists are not suffering for it. And they are selling the experience, not just the dolls, so shoppers would probably know they’re paying more than the actual value of the doll. As for them selling copies or dolls that DO infringe on artists’ rights, that’s another issue entirely. I think it would bother me less as an artist to sell to this store than to sell to a private buyer who then turns around and immediately sells the doll for a higher price.


I am not a factory, I don’t mass produce my dolls and I put a lot of time and love into each one I make. The difference for me is an emotional one I am sure. I just do not care for the idea,


Yes, I think it the experience they are charging for. The little girl picks one out, weighs it with the nurse, puts the footprint on the certificate, dresses it, etc…


But reborns are supposed to be for adults. If they’re buying from reborn artists, then turning around and selling to children, what happens when the reborn is destroyed?


Then it is their problem.


If they’re selling the experience they would be better off to use Berengers, etc.