Do I smell a lawsuit? Artists against illegal doll makers


Input desperately needed


The link doesn’t show anything on my phone.


Says content can not be shown on my phone.


I think you need to log into Facebook first and copy and paste.


No I’m definitely logged in.


Let me try to search David Martin Fox 35

You can also search Macrobaby baby store. They are selling illegal copies of reborns. They are located in Florida.


What’s your Facebook. I will share it with you there on Messenger.



Found it! Holy cow. That’s messed up.


Ebay sells illegal copies.

This appears to be a store in Orlando.



Are we sure they sell the illegal copies also? Or just facory painted ones. The video shows $99.99 and up.

They bought from me at the Doll show. I assume 3 of mine will be resold there… :woman_shrugging: I think the 2 ladies said they moved from France to Florida.


I kinda want to go just to see Maizie though! Lol. If they are selling illegal copies shame on them but the more I looked into it they are selling some legitimate dolls? I don’t know. I kinda think its a bummer that its just for kids. :frowning: excuse me jumping to conclusions earlier.


I am almost certain the Tamino in the video @Satinysilke sent me earlier on facebook is the one they bought from me on the 13th. But I do not see the other 2. They bought Tamino, Aisha and Marissa from me at the show.


They bought from my friend Jane too. She painted the Maizie.


So are they going to take your hard work and jack up the prices?


They didnt mention anything really but they did tell me they were with Macrobaby in Florida.
But I assume so. I would rather they buy from doll artists and not China though…


Do they give you credit as the artist? I saw on facebook some were saying they were selling invita silis


I did not see any dolls for sell in the video it just looked like a baby r us store other then the one reborn in the stroller, maybe they just use them as props?


I have no idea. I didnt even think twice about it until Renee messaged me earlier.