Ditzy me!

I am currently rooting my clyde head (wow, hes taking me forever!) I stopped rooting to pull out a plug and put my rooting tool in my mouth instead of setting it aside (when I’m in the zone, I dont really think much…) Well, I went to pick up my needle and panicked because I could not find it. When I realized it was in my mouth I about smacked myself. The running joke between my friends and me is that I need a hat that says ‘duh, Tory’ at one point I managed to stab myself in the chin with it because I forgot I had it in my hand. I am so incredibly ditzy sometimes. Have you all ever had those ‘Duh!’ moments?


More often than I can count (or recall)! :wink:


Oh Yeah----we all get them, you are definitely NOT alone!!


LOL! All the time! Drives my hubby crazy!


I LIVE there! I wish I could say they were senior moments, but I’ve always been this way and they are NOT moments!


Happens regularly… You’re not alone…!!:slight_smile:


Oi, I can’t tell you how often that happens to me. I hate it when I run all the way up the stairs only to find I can’t remember why I ran up there.


I do that one all the time. The only way I can remember what it was is to go all the way back down again before repeating it over and over on the way back up. I thought it was just me lol :laughing:


Yep, been there, done that…still do that! I mostly freak my hubby out when I have the Exacto knife out…tend to wave it around like a flag at times when I’m trying to clean out eye sockets, etc :should put it down between trims and blowing and using tweezers but I sort of just hang on to it during the whole process - told my hubby I am multi- tasking and multi-talented - he tells me I’m multi- dangerous and shouldn’t be allowed to use knives…hahaha! :smile:


Thats kinda funny! I can picture that playing out!