'Discontinued' Kits


Of what?



Not sure how to post on this board. I’m looking for a “Drew” kit. Are there any available?


I believe Drew was discontinued some time ago but someone might have him in their stash.


Looking for puddin and muffin by Donna Ruburt I need them please help


Does anyone have a blank Grant? (I know he’s not discontinued, but he’s out of stock)


I have 4 of the Conner kits for sale or trade if your interested


I have 4 Conner kits and 6 Tory kits , all in mint condition , up for sale or trade


Any chance of the Santa kits coming back or new ones in time for holidays???


dolls by sandie has them now in clearance $99.00 if you are talking the big ones


It does come in handy. I have several of them. Cooper was my fave though. On another subject, can someone tell me how to apply the ‘look alive’ thinning medium? I heard you apply directly to doll simply by stirring it and using a sponge. Help…


Thank you so much for this information!


Where is shaynn??? What is her status


Is realborn June Asleep coming in April?


Shyann is listed out of stock but she is not discontinued. A lot of kits are out of stock currently. Nevin placed a post showing massive amount of inventory to be updated over the next few weeks. I think the new website has delayed things a bit.


Oh this makes me sad i came back to buy the Taylor, by Donna RuBert :frowning: maybe there will be more toddler or bigger kids?


Keep an eye out, sometimes members decide to sale. I was fortunate enough to finally get the entire Quad. I have already reborned Taylor and Tibby but have to get around to reborning Tessa and Stinker; they are all keepers. I bought all from members.


I’d love to find a Stinker!


It was a tough find but I finally snagged me one. I will keep on the look out for you.


Would anyone have a jasper fairy doll they would want to sell?