Discolored baby

My beautiful Presley is in need of touching up on her fingers and toes. I decided while I was at it I would add a wash or two. Her coloring is starting to look dull…kinda gray. I found that she was painted with purple on the inside. Is this why she is starting to look gray? Is there any safe way to remove the purple paint? I am thinking a lip and nail wash might perk her up but will it last with the purple inside? I have read about how artists used to use purple inside the kits but it started leaching through the vinyl. I want to bring new life to my beloved girl. She was painted by an amazing artist and I want to preserve as much of her original look as possible. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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You can get the purple off the inside with Windsor and Newton. Pour a little inside the part, not too much at a time, keeping it upright. Let it soak for a few minutes, rubbing and spreading it with a stiff paint brush, moving it up to the sections above the Windsor and Newton. If it’s very thick, you might have to do it more than once. If the head is rooted, use a dense sponge, or a sponge paintbrush on a stick, with Windsor and Newton on it and rub until it comes off. You don’t want to pour the Windsor and Newton in the head because it can go through the rooting holes. It’s a bit time consuming, but it will come off. Putting a vinyl glove, with the fingers cut off, (you can leave the thumb) over the face and securing it in the neck groove with a tight rubber band will help protect the paint. If you get some large gloves, you can use the fingers for the arms and legs. For the fingers and toes, when the rest is done, pour some in the hand or foot, let it soak and then swish it around. Carefully pour it out and wash with hot water and Dawn.


Thanks so much for the thorough advice. I feel confident I can handle it now.

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The nipple end of a baby bottle brush might get into the fingers and toes.

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Thank you! You are a life saver @jeanhai

The fingers and toes are solid, there is no way they look stained because of paint inside. Also even back 10 year ago when I started reborning people were already stopping to use purple wash inside; I never used it.

The fingers and toes are not stained. They just need touching up because some paint has rubbed off.

I never used a purple wash either, but I guess not everyone had stopped since Presley has purple paint inside and she is not that old.

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Wow, I’m surprised. I started reborning in 2013 and was told no one did that any more. Guess not. :open_mouth:

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Yea, I started in 2013 too and was told the same.