Dirty looking hands and feet


i am a new reborner and coloring with genesis.
Now i am again at a problem, wich drives me crazy ^^
The head, legs and arm looking good so far, but the feets and hands looking like dirfty color.
I pounce the color in it with a sponge or clean brush, but when it dry, its looking like the pics.
Its on all kits same issue.
Its looks dirty and i must clean out the whole arms and legs amd start new.
Baking doesnt solve it.
I have clean all kits very accurate.
You have a hint for me, what i am doing wrong?
I just wanna have smooth little toes and fingers like the others :slight_smile:
Thanks alot from germany


Your paint is pooling there. You need to blot better while it is still wet. If dry, but not yet baked, use a little paint thinner to get it smoother.



Thank you!
Do you put the color on the sponge and pounce in the kit?


I will use a thin brush to do my creases. If you see any pooling, or spots that stand out, use a sponge and dab it out. Keep your paint thin to medium. I usually have to end up doing my creases twice, to avoid what you had happen. It’s better to add more, then try to remove paint that is too thick.


I use a large blush make up brush and it cleans that up good. Just blot it over the creases and toes before it drys to pick up that extra…


Thank you all!
Its so helpful.


Watch this video… :slight_smile:



Your paint could be too thin too. Try adding some thinning medium and it won’t pool as much


Thank you!
Her color looks soo thick and creamy.
I thought the color must be very thin and very less genesis color.


Creasing is so hard! I’ve got to where I just shade in that area rather then painting the crease since I don’t paint to sell but I look forward to trying some of these methods.

What kit is that? Cutest little feet.


Its Chase from Bonnie Brown :grinning:


I feel like I should have known :joy: . lol thanks!!


That’s why I like to watch her due to having her paint so dreamy lol. Just keep it thick and less is more…paint the creases and buff alittle…you will see with practice it gets a bit easier. Tiny liner brushes help!!


Thanks for you help!




Thank you.
Removed the painting and after a base, i will try it with thicker color.


thank you for your help.
will start again tomorrow ^^


It could be because its a bonnie brown kit. There is something about that vinyl that loves to grab paint hard in the creases. I did two levis and both hands and soles looked dirty and I had wet paint and I COULDNT GET IT OUT for the life of me…even a toothbrush, even a toothpick, a felting needle, you name it, I tried it. It wouldnt budge. Aggravating as all get out lol.


I might also add that I have had better success with almost straight paint with one drop of paint thinner than I have witha thin wash for creases. Instead of painting it on, you end up kinda scrubbing it in there and there is NO pooling. So you are essentially staining the vinyl instead of putting a layer of paint down :slight_smile: I do ethnic painting and paint tends to pool in the knuckles, and I have found that LESS paint thinner is better for blushing and creasing. It seems strange but it works!


Good to know!
Thank you avyona ^^