Did you all see this?

http://cgi.ebay.com/beautiful-white-pie … 27ac211d87

Who does ebay think they are fooling?


Okay I am still laughing. More power to her.

Amazing …what will they do to us sellers next!

— Begin quote from “Dreamweaver”

Ya know, This is bad but this is what I did to a buyer that ripped me off before I quit(awhile back)

I got a new name and I bid and won like 5 or 6 items, communicated with her, ect… then just never paid her, but I said I did and filed a claim against her! LOL She ended up winning it, but I didnt care, I am sure she was refunded her fees, but again, I didnt care. I was so angry! I had that name for 5 YEARS and through one sale, I lost everything!!

I know, it was bad, but she was the one who helped ruin my name on ebay and I lost everything! I lost hundreds!!!

I hope others will pick up on this and do the same!

— End quote

hmmm…you must have been pretty angry to go to that extreme.

That’s a good idea Gina…list a piece of paper with your website on it. LOve it!

I’m working on a website right now. Hope to get it going soon. You guys that have websites, do you get very much business with it?


thats way too funny. not funny for us really but what a good ideal marlene