Did this ever happen to you (deformation)

So my last and final bake left the neck in a deformed state.

It bent slightly upwards on one side, pointing to the chin.

I am sure it will not show once I put the head on a body, but it bothers me. The LAST bake and THIS happens.

The temperature was not too hot, and I am very thankful that everything else looks normal, it is only that part on the bottom of the neck.

Did this ever happen to you?

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Yep, that vinyl gets wimpy when its hot and it will do all kinds of funny things, some you don’t even notice. It can be fixed when you put the neck ring in, just prop the bottom when it bakes so it doesn’t fall over.


Thank you for your reply! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Phew,… glad to hear that it is somewhat “normal”. It was frustrating because I could not find an explanation for it. Everything went smoothly and then…bam - surprise deformation!! :scream: :laughing:

You can warm the head again and stuff it with fiber or cloth to keep it in the shape it should be