Did I just mess up?!

Is she too colorful? I may have done too many burnt umber washes :grimacing: can I correct it?!

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She does look a little neon, but that may just be my phone. I would say she needs some green washes. Maybe Earth mint to soften her a bit. Avoid the lips as they look good.


I agree with @Peachtree. She needs mint green washes. Burnt umber just makes her more red.


DO THIN WASHES!!! Or she will get chalky!!!

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I don’t have earth mint so can I make that work my basics?

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Do I need to bake after each wash? I get worried baking over and over will degrade the vinyl.

You could do a yellow wash then a blue wash to tone down the pink. I bake between every wash.


I tried my hardest to get her back to a normal skin tone. Thankfully she’s mine so I don’t have a standard to meet :slight_smile: this isn’t an easy hobby! Y’all are amazing artists!


She looks very good.

She looks really good! :heart_eyes:

Yes she does

What did you do to adjust the skin tone? She’s beautiful.

Quite a lot of earth mint washes, then a blue wash, and a yellow wash. All very thin. Then I went in and added more details. I’m still adjusting the hair to my liking. She’s mine :two_hearts:

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Did you figure out how to make the earth mint with the basic colors?

Yes, I went up to the search bar and searched for diy earth mint and I got several results.


Good job!!!

Thanks for the help ladies :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


She’s stunning!!!

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Love her hair!!!