Did anyone see that Brooklyn and Aria are available?


They both are too cute :heart_eyes:


I did! I have to tell myself to wait until they go on sale, because I dont NEED them but I absolutely am in love with Brooklyn’s little mouth:)


Same here - I m holding out for Darren lol - but I might be tempted if Brooklyn goes on sale :heart_eyes:


I am going crazy with want for some of these new babies but I have several that need painted and sold before I buy anything…


Brooklyn is on sale! :heart:


Well of course she is, because I placed an order a couple of hours before you posted this and now I can’t justifying another order. :grimacing:


@Katinafleming I ordered twice today, lol. I just cant say no!!


Yeah I just fell sucker for Emmy at $29.97. But I did resist Brooklyn. I don’t even like the Emmy kit. But at that price, I couldn’t resist. I justified it because I really did need rooting needles. :wink:


@Katinafleming I fell for Brooklyn first, then saw Emmy and bought her again lol. I didnt even want her that bad but grabbed her at 55, so when she was 30 I couldnt say no. Ughhh I need help