Diaper questions


What size of diapers do you use on your babies?

I’ve been using diapers that would fit a baby correctly. However, I’m rarely able to see where the leg and body meet on most of the pics I see on here. Are you using diapers that are bigger than a normal fit and pulling them down to cover the top quarter of a 3/4 leg?
I was also wondering about white diapers I see some of you use. The only disposeables I find at our stores have designs printed on them. Are the totally white ones only available outside the U.S.? I thought about doing cloth and putting plastic pants over them like we used to wear. But…I’m only finding larger plastic pants available. When I put a plain white cloth diaper on a baby, it just seemed odd to not include something waterproof, even though they won’t really be going potty in them.



I use newborn and #1.


I use the size 1 diapers


I’ve used both paper & cloth diapers. I like both, depending on the doll. They do however have a happy medium if you sew, you can make your own with terrycloth & snaps. They sell something called plumpie rumpies that have silicone in them and fit as a diaper and allow for great posing, but you can make them just as easily without the $25 pricetag, not that they aren’t worth, it - but if you sew, why spend it?


I use preemie diapers for my preemie dolls, and NB for every other doll (3-5kg). Even those “doll diapers” work well (chow chow, if I’m not mistaken). They can cover the 3/4 part of the leg well.


Have you tried the Meijer brand? There should be one down by you. They’re all white except for a small light pale print about 1 1/2 inches at the top of the front. Susan


Yes…there are several Meijer stores around here. Darn…I just got back from shopping at one. I will have to check them out. Back when I had my baby shower (now my baby is 6), they had a Garfield print on their brand. Maybe that has changed. Thanks!!


I use pampers swaddlers. They are only printed on the velcrow band.


I have to play around with the fit if I’m trying to get pictures that won’t show the fabric part of the leg. I prefer cloth diapers, but that can be pricey. I just try to get a good deal on them.


Safeway has diapers very cheap – but that is because they aren’t too useful on real babies I had a young parent tell me they weren’t worth the money, so I decided to try them for the dolls and they work great. All white except for the band in front where the tapes work. They look fine & work well for my purpose, but they are a bit too thin for a real baby I would agree.


I just picked up some cloth diapers and i think they add a really nice touch to my baby with the right outfit


That’s the same question I’ve had of whether they just leave the leg part showing outside of the diaper when they ship the doll and just get shorts or pants to cover it. I hate the 3/4 length legs. I ended up on my two keepers just using a full leg body with 3/4 length legs so I didn’t have to deal with that little piece of stuffed leg sticking out . That lets me put onesies on the babies too. I don’t really notice the little bit of difference of the upper leg being shorter.


I use NB size, and Pampers preemie size. It’s impossible to get a good look with the 3/4 legs though.


I guess that I am the only person that don’t see any sense at putting diapers on the reborns, especially the 3/4 leg ones, it looks terrible except for the full legged babies.


I use the pampers swaddlers for the preemies, Those only have a printed band on the top and then dollar general diapers for the newborn. They are printed but since I make panties with every outfit does not mind. Maybe the pampers other sizes are the same. A bag lasts forever.


I have gotten plastic pants in small sizes at Babies R Us. They cover the fabric part nicely but they are a little bit noisy because it’s really cheap plastic.