Diaper Question



I love them and if I could afford it I would only use these.


I send reborns home with regular, cheaper diapers. But for the ones I keep, I put them in cloth diapers. I ordered a couple of cloth diapers from China, they are adjustable with velcro or snap buttons so they fit a small newborn up to large toddlers. They only cost a couple of euros.


I did cloth diapers with my daughter, should have kept them I guess. Joann has supplies to make cute ones. You can also buy cloth swim diapers in solo packs for your keepers for not too bad a price.


Thanks everyone for the replies. I plan to add diapers to my available items. This has helped me a lot


My favorite is the pampers swaddlers because that is what I always use on my real babies when they are newborn


Couldn’t you just make your own ?


Yes, I love these too. They are just so darn expensive.


I always send toddlers in a diaper, one on their head and an extra on in the acces. bag… I buy big boxes (think it is 96 at a time) on Amazon, best price I have found


I asked a lady why the honest brand was so popular-aside from the cute patterns. said they fit reborns much better than other brands. I have no idea. Does anyone else find this to be true? I pick up what’s on sale. Most recently Aldi’s. brand. Also, Walmart sells those gauze tea towels for $1 or in multipks in the kitchen section. They might work for cloth…


I like honest diapers. But any cheap diapers work.




Walmart has flour sack kitchen towels. one time I was feeling particularly in a vintage mood for my baby doll so I bought one of the flour sack towels and turned it into a cloth diaper with a big diaper pin it was really cute.


Do you have a photo. I would really like to see that


These are some of the diapers I use. These are all size 1 yet they are each a different size. I like the fit of Amazons brand mama bear.


Which brand is the one in the middle


Oh my…I will surely look and see.


Seventh generation


@debbie1 I use those too and they are a great price!


Am I the only one that has problems with disposable diapers pilling after a while? They become kinda worn from the clothing rubbing against it. Or am I just using too cheap brands?


I have the same problem, I just change them every now and then