Dewy air dry

I know this question was asked in the past but there was never an answer has anyone come across any way to get that dewy appearance with any air dry paint? I know ultra fusion has something… I’m on a pretty tight budget and most of the dolls are for me not to sell.


I got some satin modpodge and I use that on eyelids and anywhere else I want it but if you use Americana soft touch varnish by itself with no matting powder or cornstarch, it will give you a dewy finish all over the baby but it does tend to go shiny after a couple weeks so its better if you mix a bit of corn starch (corn flour) or matte powder in and it will still look dewy if you are careful not to add too much.

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Sweet thank you so much Lil I really appreciate it! I will give them a go…I’m planning on doing a sea type monster after my Celeste vampire


Cool…sounds like a lot of fun and I think Celeste will make a really good vampire :slight_smile:

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