Devistated! "Split" in vinyl……


I messed up big time, I tried to fix/reroot my babies eyebrows too many times. I wasn’t thinking & now she has so many needle holes so close together that it’s created a “split”, I’ve sanded down everything & put her away for now. It’s on the brow bone & im wondering if it’s even salvageable? I’m wondering if I could somehow fill in the holes then build it up & sand it smooth then re paint, I looked inside the head with a light & it doesn’t seem to go through to the other side. I tried taking a upclose photo but it wouldn’t focus so I tried to recreate it on paper, someone please tell me I didn’t ruin my beautiful girl if it is fixable I would definitely paint them on so I wouldn’t mess up this bad again or damage the repair.


@izzy may know if you can use Sculpey or something similar to repair the vinyl. Then, you can paint over it to match the skin tone and paint the brows.


Maybe try using liquid sculpey and dabbing/pouncing over the split if it’s not all the way through the vinyl. If it’s cut straight through the vinyl use sculpey mold maker to patch it up.


oh thats a shame she was looking so pretty but someone took bags under the eyes away with sculpty so i bet you can fix her with that .GOOD LUCK!


I was having a ton of problems with getting the ruby red mohair to work so I’m thinking maybe buy a better quality before I attempt rooting her head


Yea the Ruby Red mohair kinda sucks. Hope you get her fixed.


Use the stuff that @izzy used to make the baby eyelids.


What’s considered good quality, & where can I find some?


Ruby is the worst.


Delta dawn , sugargliders, slumberland, Angela’s


Most of our members DO NO ROOT EYEBROWS, maybe you should try Prisma pencil eyebrows or paint. I have seen some well done rooted eyebrows but they are few and far between. I wouldn’t advise it for a beginner. Eyebrows are hard for everyone, they take a lot of practice. I think you would be happier with the pencil or paint though.


So true! :slight_smile:


I think I’ll try a prisma pencil, I read on a tutorial to take a cheap liner brush and cut all but 4-5 hairs in order to paint fine details such as capillaries & brows. I tried it on the capillaries and it wasn’t easy, it might have helped if I pigmented the paint more or used bb thinning medium instead of the liquid thinner.


Is the liquid sculpey able to be baked? All I have is ghsp so I would need to bake after repainting her skin color & painting her eyebrows!


Oh, yes I use prisma pencil for eyebrows because I’m not good with painting eyebrows.