Devine Intervention


You know its a sign when you contact Dover Saddlery asking delivery to Germany of a medium equest tack sponge and get quoted 120 dollars :smile: so then you race on to BB and order over a 100 dollars that i dont have just so i can get the Equest sponge only to find out when i check out the sponge has sold out :sob:
I oficially give up !


yeah its best to know when you are beaten and pardon the pun but throw in the sponge . That being said this must be a newer product here I don’t recall seeing it listed before . They have it written as if they have other size options however when I click on it there is nothing but the one size listed .


:laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing: yes @marrabo i agree to throwing in the sponge. I looked last night on BB and i couldn’t see any other sizes also. I wish i could find a European supplier because my mottling is atrocious with the sea sponges and plucked wedges and i believe the Equest sponge would be a game changer.
To think i had horses for the past 20 years only to give up when i need a horse sponge.


Wow ! that’s funny too bad you don’t have a leftovers pile someplace :smile:


Have you tried plucking a beauty blender? They work great for me. They’re denser and firmer than the normal wedges.
I use knock-off ones, though. The real brand is too expensive.


@deedee2413 now thats good thinking thank you tomorrow will buy one from Woolworths


Are you saying you don’t have any equestrian supply shops in Germany?Any horse supply store or saddle shop should have them.I get mine from @jillianjade here on the forum.Maybe she will come by and give you a shipping quote on hers.


No we have equine shops of course I’ve looked and I’ve tried the sponges in Europe but the Equest holed sponge that’s being used to mottle has a different density and hole depth .


Check with @jillianjade. Maybe shipping on that sponge that only weighs a few ounces will not cost a fortune to ship to you.


Thank you


I can ship 1 first class. Should I check cost?


yes please :heart_eyes:


Look up a local store that sells things for horses, like what @MaryJane said. I found them in France easily, Im sure they have them in Germany. I found mine in a sports store called Decathlon…they even had different sized ones with different sized holes so I got a couple of them.


Hi @Lil i’ve tried all the shops that sell sponges nothing works and they dont have the holes they are more like sea sponges . Do you have a photo ? Thank you


I like the peach coloured one the best…it has smaller holes than the purple one that I also bought. I cut them into 4 pieces.


We dont have them in Germany and if we do I’ve not found them :sob::sob:


You do have Decathlon in Germany, you may be able to get it there or ask them to order it for you. You could also just buy it from here…cheaper than the US :wink:


I’ve looked online at the decathlon online but I cannot see them :persevere:


I found them at the store but if they don’t carry them at your store they may be able to order them for you or you can order them from here.


They don’t show them online at Decathlon here either but they are at the store so maybe you can find them if there is one near you.