Devestating turn of events


Last week one of my customs, (who had bugged me every day, asking for special things etc) filed a case because when she got my free gift, she thought I was doing a “bait and switch” even though I sent emails about the gift, I put a letter in the box, and I followed up with questions about whether they liked them.

But of all my customs this one just felt bad from the get go. I should have followed my instinct.

She caused my account to be frozen and decided since she filed a case, what the heck, might as well leave uit instead of telling them she made a mistake. Honestly, that I can understand because if she closed it she wouldn’t have the option to reopen. Even though I thought my trust level had surpassed that.

Because of the case being opened, I was scatter brained and did not take photos. I always take photos and videos of the boxes being packed. Its just good business.

I have had only one bad issue with a buyer, but she had purchased 9 dolls and just kept doing horrible things to get free merchandise. I gave in out of fear she could ruin me but then after talking to other artists and doing some deep research, I found out this is what she does. Ebay stepped in and told me I needed to file harassment charges and they cut her off. But only temporarily
Now that info is important because it comes to play here.

I have had four more incidents where this woman has come in under different aliases and tried again. But the fool did not take into consideration those aliases will show up under hear name on the verified searches. So I caught it everytime but not until she had caused me aggravation and relisting issues.

I have not thought of her in months. And I really wish I had.

Anyhow,my customer got her package today. I was SO stoked about her reaction. I saw her email and was excited to read what she had to say.
She wrote me that her Tinky was awful and she was highly disappointed. Mind you I had field tested this doll. When I field test and get only lukewar

m reactions, I strip and start over. But this baby caused a mob scene and people actually held her and looked at everything. Much to my chagrin because I dont usually allow that. But she survived unscathed.

My customer had also sent photos but I was so deflated I didnt even want to look at them. I just told her to send it back along with the custom box and free gift.

One of my partners came in because he heard I was really deflated and did not want to continue.

He read the correspondence then said DI!!! Did you look at these pictures??? This has nothing to do with your work and everything to do with sabotage\And she looks FILTHY! What artist in their right mind would send a doll like this? But it sure did feel familiar.

Now we cant tell if this was photoshopped, I think not because she is returning the doll and it must show this damage :persevere::disappointed_relieved:,

Then he looked at the address and said "Since when did we start accepting orders to P.O. Boxes again. I swear I did not even notice that. I have been so overwhelmed, I just did not see it. Or noticed it is a in the same city as the aforementioned customer. I thought how could she be so stupid,to open a P.O.Box right down the street.
But then I realized I am the stupid one.

ANd we do have pictures of her. But not with her new eyes that the customer demanded so I had to make them.

I have no idea how she made her look so pasty. I dont have photoshop, so I dont edit my photos.Neither do my partners.

I feel so defeated. So through. I was on cloud 9 after I took this girl out to meet her public. Now I just want to get these done and stop.

I was told early on about reborn customers. But until that customer from hell, I had a pretty good rapport. My partner keeps saying I should be happy that its not my work, but frankly, even though I know she doesn’t look like that. Looking at those photos, I just dont now.

What is wrong with people anyway. I have watched my family and friends dying over the last year and know we are all not long for this world so why do we do things like this? Why do we throw barbs at each other and look for ways to be mean and hateful?


There are no rational answers to those questions. I’m so sorry this is happening to you. I’m sure it’s very disheartening. Have you filed a counter claim for the damage she’s done to it? It looks like a child got hold of it and ruined it so now she doesn’t want it.


she literally wrote me within 2 hours of getting it.

i think she knew before she received it the free gift she was going to be doing some damage…
the free gift threw a monkey wrench into her plans while at the same time created a reason to open a case,
i think the gift was a turning point
she realized she was in it for the whole ride and any plans she may have had to bring this down on me were going to be more difficult because i sent her something extra. it was a small dragon baby.

it all played out so obvious,because she just wouldn’t leave me alone to finish the work
yet she didnt contact me to say she was confused about the gift.


This is very sad to hear! Sorry you are dealing with it. My daughter messes around with photo shop sometimes and this reminds me of some of the retouched pictures. The lines right under and beside the nostril…


So sorry you are dealing with this! The area around her nose definitely looks altered through photoshop or even just the Paint program most computers have. It’s definitely pixelated unnaturally. Maybe if you point out those areas to PayPal they’ll help you out.


i just put on my 225 strength lens glasses and i already have it on a 40" screen.
i think i can see it. but id be lying if i said it was absolute.
that would actually explain why the beautiful shaDing is gone.
i spent a lot of time on that building the blushing etc.
I have a hard time NOT using color as most people already know. But even with these vanilla customs here is just some of my palate

can you ask her if there is more, or on the other photos? Is there a way to find out something like a timestamp or computer or device ID?

Bobby (one of my business partners) is laughing at us because he says it doesn’t make any difference. We will be getting the doll back and that will be the truth.

What gets me is the hands, it looks like someone went over my shading with a marker. ANd I dont know what that is on the belly. But that blue on her face is going to be my undoing. I need to get that doll back or I will go nuts.

I mean think about it. Can you imagine ANY artist, even the worst of the worst saying Oh, this looks ok, she wont notice anything. pack it up and send it.
seriously, i just cant …:persevere::unamused:


that is an excellent idea.

But when she sent them and t read her response and really wanted to vomit. I really thought I was a failure.I just didnt want to look at the pictures So I told her I would pay shipping and please return it.

This really would have been hard if those marks had NOT been there. SO I look at all the positives and that is definitely one.

I have made over 100 dolls. I only got 2 complaints. I am pretty amazed I didnt get more because I am a newbie.

One of those 2 said she got the wrong doll. But after I begged and pleaded with her to send photos so I could figure out who got the correct item, she finally emailed me and said she gave it to a friend as a gift and that her friend “Was in love with it” and to stop harassing her.
In other words, she got the right doll and didnt want to lose face.

The other is the person I mentioned in this thread. And she actually loved everything and left some amazing feedback. But she is a reborn free loader. She has done this to lot of sellers and I think she really has no one to bilk anymore. Other doll artists relayed their experiences stories that were MUCH worse than mine. One said the scammer contacted PayPal after 7 months and demanded over $9000 in chargebacks. She had to take her to court. The artist can no longer sell on eBay or use PayPal. And I promise you the artist is phenomenal. (Constance Zeigler) I could never create that well.

With me she was fine until she decided she paid too much ($500 total for 6 dolls) Two were repaints worth $50, but the others were a full size Day of the Dead doll that she loved, two avatars and a fairy.

We had talked about doing an homage angel for her mom. She had discussed what she wanted which was the colors of the german flag on one side and the colors of the american
flag on the other and all my swirling dervishes to be in rhi)nestones in those colors.

Well, I draw the line at total trash. SO I told her to rethink it and to maybe doing something more sedate (yes folks, me of LESS IS NOT MORE) SOmething that her mom would be proud of. And when she makes that decision we will move ahead. I also recommended another artist if she was set on that idea. Turns out that artist had her blocked (she admitted this but could not understand why. Yes alarm bells but I am deaf in one ear and the other aint so good. SO I didn’t hear them. (nor did I hear the huge GONG when she told me she was in the middle of a war with an artist over a set of A and B twins.)

When she decided she paid too much she wrote threatening me with all kinds of bad press if I didnt make her the angel. i reminded her she did not pay for an angel and it was something we were to first discuss again. She claimed - even though I sent her a detailed purchase order of what she already got for dirt cheap. Didnt make any difference. First it was was every few days, then every day, then all day. Just nasty nasty nasty.
She said she would settle on one of my expensive fairies instead. I gave in, paid shipping and sent it to her. The fairy had a twin, So of course she insisted she get the twin because she thought it was a grouping like I tend to do. So I gave in.
Not good enough.
I actually started to feel pretty bad for her, I thought she had some mental issues.

So I bought the Realborn ELizabeth sleeping and made her the most amazing angel. I had rooted long glittery angel hair, it was a masterpiece.Like everything custom, I putt it on social media to get responses and that was when Adrie SToete contacted me regarding one of the Avatars made from her kit. Adrie asked about the paint on the homage angel and how it would hold up - she was impressed.
Everyone I have made these for just cry when they get them, they really love them. But never do I say, or do they expect the angel to be a physical representation of the Homaged loved one. ANd even if it is, I would probably need to see photos of the passed person. WHich I dont until after it is done and I post it on my site.
I sent6 her the doll as a gift.

She wrote me that she got the angel and she cred
it isnt as easy as that.

She was devastated the doll had "ALbert Einstein hair and herf mother does NOT LOOK LIKE THAT. (yeah MIBAD I know I forgot her mom has red black and yellow rhinestone dervishes on one side and red white and blue ones on the other) She demanded another one and said “And this time you better not forget the wings”

I would show you the emails, but anyone can fabricate correspondence so it is futile. ANd I do not give up my customers names no matter what and right this second, that is harder than writing all this.

That is when eBay stepped in and ended it.

So all in a;ll, this is my first actual customer disappointment. about my art That is why I reacted with na hair trigger and gave in. If I had looked at the photos first, I would have probably still given her a refund because by now I know who she either actually is, or who she is in cahoots with, And I cant go thru all that again.

If I had kept my “no” block on ebay, this wouldn’t have happened, And had I paid attention to t5he fact she is inj the same neighborhood I wouldn’t have sold to her without a lot of proof.and a stern strongly worded email about no refunds.

She did say she LOVES the eyes and that my communication was above average.


I have never used photoshop. And EVERY doll artist claims they don’t, but sometimes those photos are way too surreal
Have any of you used Photoshop _for something else

How do I find that kind of anomaly in the future?

is photoshop worth the money, is it hard to use?
My Aspie brain could probably do it but I really want some advice before I do.

And my new computer has “paint” and “Paint 3d” But I opened them and there are no tools I can see for editing photos, so I gather Ineed to upgrade to a version that costs money to get those features

Forgive my ignorance. Its hard to believe I was a CAD manager right? But I used COrelDraw for the bells and whistles boards used to get projects


@dlschuch Here is your Tinky’s nose section enlarged and yes it does look like it has been messed up on some sort of program. Is there anything about the pics that is vaguely your work or is this another poorly painted doll involved in a switch?


By everything you are saying, you should have more than enough written correspondence against this woman. If all you say is true, you need to post the messages from her, WITH HER NAME on the scammer pages on Facebook as well as here. It makes no sense not to want to protect other artists. Why bring it up if you don’t want to help stop this woman? :woman_shrugging:t2:


Ugh, what is wrong with people?! I’m so sorry that happened to your adorable Tinky.


Thank you for the time you spent helping me sleuth this problem. I am sure you have better things to do. I know I should be working on the rest of these, but I cannot seem to move past this

I see it now. No it does not resemble my doll. But those eyes are mine. I do not glue in the eyes on these because I discovered if you leave them a skosh loose, they can be manipulated to move up down etc. I always send a video to the customer asking if they want the dolls eyes glued in and the video shows what I am getting at. This idea works beautifully if you put a glass cabachon with the dome facing out

That reminds me…I have THAT video somewhere I need to find it.

Now here is the snag in that theory, yes she could have removed the eyes and put them in something else, but that is a Tinky nose (and now I see a little inside). The dark paint came from somewhere and it needs to be on that returned doll.

We experimented with some ideas here, taking some reborns we have from notable artists and using different lighting. We were able to replicate the doll going from being acceptable shaded to results almost exactly like this when we did a close up with studio light glaring on it and then this morning with the slice of the sun that finally came out.

We also discovered if you zoom in that close on any doll there are artifacts. We did this on our human faces and also, saw some icky stuff I dont EVEN want to show you.

And this kit has not been around long enough for her to get her hands on another one.

I know, I now, we all want to claim superb work. I do good work most probably not as amazing as the artist like you or others on this forum, but it is something I can be proud of. And we all know the real test is daylight and that doll was taken out in daylight and people just clamored around to see it All I heard was :It just looks so real; My students were so excited when they saw her. They all ordered kits (something I am really kind of sick of seeing since I am doing so many)

I feel like ths situation with customs is going to haunt me forever now that 15 teens are going to use them as their final kit.

i WAS SO HAPPY BECAUSE MY FANTASY DOLLS HAVE never GOTTEN THAT RESponse and I do not send out products in this condition. Nor do I do such a horrible paint job. My biggest issue with non fantasy dolls is I do them too dark. No matter how I try, they come up looking almost biracial. As you cn see in my OP on the bottom.

That was always my problem when I did oil and acrylic canvasses that involved a human. I thought it was due to the type of color PORTRAIT used to be, very dark and rusty. You brought that color up to the shades you required by adding a lighter color, usually unbleached titanium. Which made more sense than the pink portrait sold today. We are all kinds of colors starting with very dark, so I am a little disappointed in the acrylic paint industry for blanketing an obvious color named portrait to only include the norwegian decent.

I use an architectural engineering magnifying light as I work along with some strong lenses. You would be mortified at what things look like that close.and something like you see in those photos would have driven me to unthinkable tantrums if I could not eliminate it.

This is something I would tell my students to look at over and over before sending out the doll.


You are absolutely within your right to question my veracity. You should. I see it all too often someone coming in and going on a tangent about another person and everyone taking that OP’s side without question. I could post correspondence, but anything can be fabricated in this day of modern technology. Take for instance that photo.

As much as I would like to,( and I actually DID write her name in several of these responses,then decided otherwise,) It is just our not give up the privacy of customers. Even if they say something libelous.

And doing that, though I understand where you are coming from, usually results in never ending battle as this is already coming to be. I just cant make it worse… I chose the path of least resistance. and trust in my higher power. It works out so much better.

I stand nothing to gain by any of this and I cannot make up things that never happened. But just like many of these issues, who are you to believe? It is easy to fabricate things against people. She/he/they may have slighted that artist in other situations totally unrelated causing the artist to come up with something nasty and vengeful.

Infidelities, small squabbles that turn in to meteoric wars National elections, and the worst of the worst, ego, pride and saving face.

I have gotten some of those lists… One sent me a list of almost 300 customers. I found it hard to believe she even HAD 300 customers.

And finally there is a liability. I have business partners to consider.

But I appreciate your taking the time to weigh all the issues.
That is actually what I am aiming for.


So sorry that happened!


Here is a closeup of my work

(the mole on her nose is purposeful)

This is making me feel just like the day when I was humiliated into putting up all my dolls and becoming a petulant junior high schooler.

I didn’t want to give up, but I felt like that was the only option.

Now I understand how some of you who did excellent work and got horrible feedback feel.

It really is awful. And permanent.


Thank You.:anguished:
But like I said, I am better off that it was damage or nasty editing and not my work…

Every creation I send out the door goes with a hug a tear and a prayer so NO Tinky did not deserve this.


I’ve never used photoshop at all, but I’ve used Paint quite a bit for things I’ve made for my classroom or to make clipart or mark up photos for my students. You have to import the image you want to alter into the paint program, then use the tools to modify it. Paint can’t do the fancy filters and effects that photoshop can do, but it can definitely be used to alter colors and details on a picture. Beside the nose on that Tinky, it looks like someone used the dropper tool to “suck up” the nonshaded flesh color of the doll and then used one of the drawing or painting tools to cover over the shading with the flesh color, if that makes sense. And for what it’s worth, I think you’re being waaaay too nice to these customers who are taking advantage of you. You don’t have to give them what they want, just because they demand it! (I say this with much love! :grin:)


i know i am seriously pathetic. but. it really has been isolated instances. And most of this was done during my breaking in phase for want of a better word. I needed good feedback and I was very afraid of eBay and PayPal because I had heard they are strictly for the buyers. That does not make sense since tt is the sellers who make them the most in these transactions.

As you now i went into this for 2 reasons. 1 my medicare does not pay well for prescriptions and mine went up to $300.

I2. i do reborning though predominantly so i can do it. meaning selling one will pay for the next. my partners are not too keen on it and sometimes will change the listings but still keep them in the less expensive range. you can always tell when i am in the hospital by the price changes. they take advantage of my absence

i believe you about the paint program. all of that is like you are speaking russian. but when i have extra time i will go ahead and familiarize myself so if this sort of thing happens again.

can it tell when you load someone elses photos in their listing or does the listing step affect a edit stamping?

I ask that because their is an artist on eBay who does some pretty good dolls. She does a LOT of them.
Because I have prosopagnosia (face blindness) I should not be able to isolate her reborns in the listing photos. But I do, I can pinpoint each one. No matter where I see them I can say Oh that’s JoGranny. But I dont know why I can because she uses all the kits I am familiar with but somehow they look different. So i dont want to purchase an expensive program, but i would like to now what is different. just a bit of my neurosis.

she says she only uses a photo editor for sizing. I can tell you she does work that is worth far more than she charges. I have seen them in person and they are realistic. She does make a LOT though.


I just tried out Paint 3D which is what has taken Paint place since Windows 10 came out. Some of us still use Paint, but it’s Paint 3D that this person used to make those changes. Once enlarged a picture can be modified easily. If you will notice none of the green is on a rippled surface of the face.
I won’t debate about JoGranny, but the one doll I received from her was sent back and I had to wait 30 days to received my refund. She just didn’t care. The work was subpar for someone who puts out so many. Maybe she’s changed?


i have never purchased from her, but a friend did,

i will admit she does not seem to care when she gets bad fb.and unfortunately she has gotten more lately than usual. however her seller feedback for last year reflects 735 dolls. that does not include people who dont leave FB or dolls she sells on etsy and other sites, so 16 neutral and 9 bad is about what to expect in the law of averages.

i just dont know how she makes 2+ dolls a DAY 7 days a week.
these elves are taking me forever, so i have no business being here right now

but i promised the instructor of our HS reborn class i would solicit more information from you generous artists as we wind down the school year (i am the administrative end)