Destash- UPDATED


Thank you!! <3


I would be interested in Miranda Sleeping if she is still available.


I still have her, have you bought or traded here before? Only asking because there is such little activity on your profile and there has been some dishonesty here previously.


I have not.


I am interested in the blue/white shoes and santa hat. Could you tell me how much they are?


hi. is Ella still available?. :grinning:


Do you still have Dominic awake? If so, is shipping included?


Do you still have Presley awake please?


Sorry for the delayed response ladies!! I have been in the hospital, suffering 2 separate bleeds in my head. Glad to say that I am FINALLY going home tomorrow and promise to go through inquiries and let you ladies know!
@Vanniek @Babies4lisa @pattyabe @greta


OMG Feel better! @Ledbetterlittles Praying for you!


I’m so sorry you have been having problems I will send up prayers.


OH goodness!!! NO worries!!! :pray:


hope you are feeling better soon. :hugs:


Oh -bless your heart !! Prayers for continued recovery!! :pray:t2:


Take all the time you need. Your health is what’s important. Sending up prayers!


You ladies are truly the best! Thanks so much