Destash- UPDATED


Do you still have leif I my be interested . I hope your son is better


Yes maā€™am, I do have a leif left. Thank you, he is feeling much better


sending pm


Uploadingā€¦ Uploadingā€¦ Uploadingā€¦ Uploadingā€¦ Uploadingā€¦ Uploadingā€¦
Here is a small portion of what I have to list!!!
The tutus I have in many different colors (rainbow, pink, bright pink, mint, red, green etc.) There are many more crochet sets, photo outfits and bonnets. I need to download an app where I can make collages so that I donā€™t have to load individual photos, I live in the middle of nowhere and it takes ages for them to load!!
Just to give me an idea of what you all would like me to post, I will list the types of items I have and let you make requests too.
Tons of nb sized tutus w/ matching headbands, moccasins sizes 0-6 months thru 18 month sizes (leather and suede), crochet pant/hat sets, themed crochet photo sets, reborn eyes, wooden paci clips and animal shapes/teethers, bonnets of many sizes and styles, headbands galore, tiebacks, outfits nwt, and items similar to what is in these photos.
This is a much larger project than anticipated lol. I forgot how much I have actually bought!!
Feel free to request specific items to be posted. I will work on getting everything pictured and into collages for easier viewing



Are Nubies leg warmers???
You might want to break thing down into separate posts, you have amazing stuff!!!


@Ledbetterlittles Can I have a size and price on the fairy set? And the pink bonnet with ruffle bottoms? :grinning:


I love the white sweater set, upper right corner, may I ask is it newborn size?


Yes, nubies are leg warmers! Youā€™re right I definitely need to break things down into separate posts!!


Fairy set is definitely newborn size, pink ruffle set is small newborn size but is really stretchy. If you would like to pm me an offer, feel free. I just finished organizing most of what I plan on posting, and havent sat down to figure out pricing until now.


The white Will Beth set with the top/bottom/hat/booties? I believe so, I will double check!


I would love to see your tutu and head band sets. How much are they?

Also, how much for these:





I would also like to see any pacis and bottles that you might have with prices. :slight_smile:


Size and price on these?


Great stuff!


Oh I wish I had known!! Can you pm prices on what is left
Please! :heart_eyes:


Pumpkin set tutus and crochet sets with bonnets ect lol


Ok ladies, I am making note of items each of you have shown interest in, and for now setting them aside as ā€œpendingā€, I am working to organize and properly post everything with sizes and prices. I was in a rush to get some things posted as I had promised to do so, and didnt even come up with prices or anything!! So, anything you have asked about is noted and I will pm you with the answers to your questions as soon as possible. I also will tag you in an ā€˜officialā€™ post for all of the items posted that way I can keep it organized.
Sorry for not doing better about posting last night, but I promise your questions will be answered and that I will have an organized post with sizes and prices soon!


Sounds great! :slight_smile:


You have quite a project!!! Take your time!!! You have awesome things!!!ā€™ I wish I could almost all of it!!!