Destash- UPDATED


Ok, they’re yours :wink: my PayPal is
Tagging you because for some reason when I click to reply to your comments it doesn’t, it just creates a new comment.


Yay! Ok, paypaling you now.


Got it! Planning to ship out today


Does Naomi come with a coa?


She does not because she was a 2nd, sorry


List updated again, adding non kit items later this evening. Clothing, accessories, painting supplies etc. Some outfits from a world famous newborn photographers personal collection, Spanish and designer clothing new from boutiques, crochet photo outfits, moccasins and so much more!! Stay tuned


Wouldn’t happen to have a Quinn in your stash?


Would you be willing to do 20 for her? Are the kits from a smoke free home? I’m very allergic ty :slight_smile:


I don’t, I think she is one of the few I havent ordered yet. Sorry


Definitely a smoke free home here :wink: I have COPD (at 30, thanks to lupus), and 6 kids, so definitely no worries. All kits are kept sealed and in their own room, so even my chihuahua’s hair doesnt go near them.
I can do $20, with $5 shipping if that works for you


Yes Ma’am TY so much. I’m sorry about the copd…I’m beginning with it also…not fun.
I will pm you my paypal info


Sent you a pm :slight_smile:


Thanks anyway!


Cant wait to see what else you have!


I ran out of packing tape halfway through packaging todays boxes so they will ship out in the morning, that way I can do them all in one trip!!


My apologies ladies!!! Listing additional items didn’t go as planned last night, my son has epilepsy and ended up having a prolonged seizure so my evening was spent with him, making sure he was ok and comfortable.
That being said, I am sending out boxes shortly and meeting with a forum member that I found out lives very close to me!! After that, I will be listing new items and adjusting prices on what I habe left for kits.
Thank you all so much for taking the time to look through my post, and for being such lovely ladies!!


I hope your son is doing better today! :heart:


Totally understand, I hope all is well today!!


I M so sorry he had such a rough evening, you are a wonderful mama putting him absolutely first. Hope today finds you both more comfortable


Thank you ladies! He is feeling so much better today, thank goodness. Poor guy has been dealing with this since he was a year old (he’s 7 now), but he bounces back quickly.
All of my errands are done for the day, so I will start taking photos and listing goodies soon. Oh, and will send tracking to those who are expecting packages :wink: