Destash- Tons of kits etc



Willing to trade for:
3 month Joseph
Jorja Pigott- Asriel, Elijah
Evelina Wosnjuk- Julie, Lelou, Michelle
Seiffert- Jamina
Adrie Stoete- Pilar, Carmen, Imani
Olga Auer- Maylin, Adelia, Anastasia
Wendy Dickison- Haily
Bonnie Brown- Twin A or B, saskia

Also looking for- round natural rubber pacifiers, German forked needles, rooting tools and possibly high quality mohair

Non-BB Kits:

Violet(baby)Shawna ClymerLE#61/200 $65

Lorenzo (sealed in orig. package) Marissa May SOLE #31/250 $45

Amy-Kim (w/ body) Petra Seiffert SOLE #130/250 $45

Tanya- Katelyn GrethSOLE -COA&neck say “OR” instead of #/250 (OR=original?!)$45

Paisley Ann- Sandy Faber $45

Kortney-Wendy Dickison SOLE#32/250 $45

Delia- Natali Blick (LDC)$60

Daisy (w/ body)- Adrie Stoete $60

Yelinia- Elisa Marx $65

Chase (w/ body)- Cheryl Webber $60

$40 ea.

Ashley awake
Dominic awake
Dominic Sleeping
Madison sleeping
Miranda sleeping

Ella $20

Male Realborn front plates (2) $7 ea.

Parts lot-
Assortment of 16 limbs, 2 male “nod” torsos, ADDED-
Tracy kit stripped— Willing to negotiate or split if you only want certain parts

Any kits you have that you may want to offer for trade, just message me :wink:


Hi! Is your Presley sleeping or awake please? I would like to buy if it is the sleeping one please thank you


Do the BB kits come with coa?


Interested in Presley if Katie passes!

Edited to say I that asleep or awake is fine. I would like either. :wink:


Presley is awake :frowning:


I do have COAs for most Realborn kits, a couple were 2nds. Presley and Kase both were 2nd, and I believe Priscilla was as well. All others should have their COAs


Ok I will pass thank you for responding


I sent you a pm early this morning about Presley including my PayPal


Sorry dear, I thought I had responded to every message. I responded just now, with a special offer as my apology!


Post edited to reduce some prices and add a couple more kits!!!


Ps- Feel free to throw some requests at me, I have TONS of artist supplies as well as boutique and vintage baby stuff.


are the 3 heads still available?
if so, how much are you asking for them?


They are still available! I paid $10 each plus shipping, but I know I overpaid!! Make me an offer, lol, I just need some of this mountain gone :wink:


Added: Ashley sleeping and naomi


How about $25 shipped?


Messaged you about Ashley :slight_smile:


Just added- Realborn full limb bodies and stripped Tracy kit(listed under parts)

May add a Willow Flower head if interest shown


are you talking about the heads? Would you do $20 for all 3?


Yes, the heads. I can do $20, but Chanel is no longer available. I could possibly add a Willow Flower head if youd like


I’ll take willow flower☺️
Want me to PayPal you?