Desperately seeking 17” budget kit

Long and short: I’m making clothing for all of an artist’s dolls for Rose. I thought I had all the sizes figured out but she actually needs outfits for two 17” babies. I thought the smallest was going to be 19” so I do not have a 17” model to test clothing on. (Most patterns are too big for babies of this size so I have to grade them to fit.)

I am aware of the current BB sale but I will not have money until this Friday and the sale will probably be ended by then. I just need a 17” inch kit, unpainted, with a body. And I need it to be as budget friendly as possible. It does not need to be assembled. I will pay shipping. I will try to be as flexible as possible but my job changed the way we are paid so money is really tight right now. I will be hugely grateful to the person that is able to help me out. You guys are freaking awesome! Thanks!

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I am wondering if one of us can take some measurements for you.

I know my 17 inchers tend to fit in preemie sized clothing perfectly.

I have Tink Brown who is around 16.5 inches, I could measure him for you if you need.

Thanks guys I appreciate it, but I find it easier to tweak things when I can see them on the model. :blush: