Deshawn Preorder

Anyone else ordering this cutie?


I thought about it. I’ve decided I like the bigger kits. If he was like 22 or 23 inches I would have.

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I prefer bigger kits too or tiny ones but he is so cute and I don’t have a Jorja Pigott in my collection at all

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If I could pain AA skin tone, he’s be mine! Gorgeous!


I am absolutely in love with this baby.

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This may be time for you to give it a go.

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Cute but don’t care for the angle of his right hand and he is a 18", so I’ll pass.:footprints::baby:

I don’t care for closed hands either but could not resist the face

He’s a must have for me. I thought I liked Nailah better. But the more I see of him, I think I like him even more than I like her.

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I’m not so sure with that beautiful kit, maybe a 20.00 one from BB LOL!

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We are our worst critics , I’m sure you will be fine !