Denver Rose and her buddy

Trying to take pictures of Denver but my cat Lou is claiming the fluffy blanket his. I don’t have the heart to push him down :smile:


My cat likes to try the same. Pictures are hard enough for me so I push her down. She always wants to be in my business when I’m doing something. Try changing the sheets with her around :rofl: I usually quit and walk away until she gives up and leaves my room. Then I sneak back in and shut the door.


Oh yeh the bed sheets :sweat_smile: I had a cat like that.
This one only squat my fluffy blankets and props ! He like the round chair very much. Maybe because he is almost blind he isvery sensitive to the touch. He touch everything with his paws.

Maybe yours is sensitive to touch and mine is just a brat :rofl::rofl:

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Don’t you just love that face? Your cat adds a nice touch. I made mine a girl and she now lives in Washington with Laurie Sullivan Roy…


She’s so cute!
Iam not sure if mine is a boy or a girl, but I just want to comfort this little sad baby.

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Oh she is sweet!!!

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So cute!!! How sweet that kitty loves him too!!!

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So precious! I have such a soft spot for Maritas babies :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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She’s beautiful @pia!

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He may like dolls…or it’s the chair :sweat_smile: