Denise Pratt's Sofia To Gramother's house we go!

Well, went actually. LOL I had 2 nights in a row with no sllep at all working around the clock to get this sweet thing done in time to leave Friday for Grandma’s 90th birthday party on Satureday. I was still working and then taking photos with my husband and kids standing over me with bags packed and ready to go. ::slight_smile: Well she got done and out the door and made her appearance at the party where grandma fell in love with her! ;D I didn’t go because of the animals but was told that baby was placed under a table in the car seat and grandma (not having been given her yet) raised a fuss over why someone would put the baby under the table. lmaoI wish I could have been there. When I talked to her oin the phone she told me she was so in love and that her baby would be sleeping with her in her bed and that she wasn’t letting anyone touch her. ;D People kept wanting to hold her at the party and she wouldn’t let them except for a few of the older ladies (reluctantly) LOL

I really love this one too and will be making one for myself. She is soo soo sweet with her paci and sucking her thumb. I was amazed at how beautifully sculpted she was with more detail imaginable! Denise this baby is so perfectly awsome! Beautiful sculpting!

Maybe picture overload as I can only share her here since she won’t be going to auction. :- I wonder if she’d let me have a visit with her in January so I could bring her to IDEX? ;D

Her pics arent the greatest and some aren’t the clearest as I was rushed.

She is fabulous! I love that sculpt. Gee, lucky grandma.

She’s beautiful! I love her painted her. Grandma is so lucky!

she is beautiful,

How sweet, no wonder Grandma loves her. Wonderful gift.

Wow, she is beautiful, and I love her hair!

I can see why Grandma loved her! She is so sweet; I love the thumb suckers! I usually don’t care for painted hair, but I love the job you did on this baby! It looks very real!

Thanks girls!

Great story! I love it. Your Sophie is beautiful!

I love that sculpt, You did a wonderful job on her, She looks soooo real.

 Hugs Tina

What i think is…that it would be a crime for you not to do a tutorial on painted hair, it looks awesome. She is gorgeous you did a great job

Wow on the painted hair. You did fantastic. You go girl

Wow Kim, she is amazing!!! You are sooo talented…that hair is AWESOME!!

Thank you so much ladies!!!

Thanks Karen! A friend of mine actually made that outfit for me, didn’t she do a beautiful job!

Wow! You did a marvellous job reborning that kit! And I agree with rose481 about the hair. I really haven’t cared for painted hair, BUT your painted hair is wonderful - soft, and pretty. The way she is dressed is to die for…

I’m sure that your gift was welcomed with a loving heart. She is truly one of the nicest reborn babies I’ve seen. Thank you for sharing.

Awww, thanks you Neva! You are too sweet!

Wonderful story - perfect little baby and I was going to ask if the hair was all painted or had some rooting - It looks so good. I love that you included so many great pictures. I bought the Sophie Sculpt because I saw someone had done a good job, but your Sophie is fantastic. Did you give her a name or has Grandma?

Oh and I love the outfit too. And yes Tutorial - if you did a video I’d buy one even if it isn’t professionally done.

I’m going back to enjoy all the pictures again.

Gorgeous…simply gorgeous! You did stunning work on her. The painted hair is flawless. You should definitely consider doing a tutorial on how to paint hair as you did on this little stunner!

She is BEAUTIFUL!!! If I had her, I wouldnt let anyone else hold her either !!!