Oh my goodness. It makes me cry. I lost a baby at 12 weeks and it looked just like that!

Thanks Julie, for sharing that link with us. I think I will have to buy that doll. It is so detailed, and of course at perfect scale of a 12 week fetus. What a message the sculptor is “bringing to life,” about life. And, what a cause! I certainly hope that she sells the minimum needed for her order. Judging from all the ladies on DollFan that are ordering - I think she will.

— Begin quote from “JubileeJ”

I think that they are beautifully done and that her message is good. That is why I brought them over here.

Foxmom, I am sorry it hurt you to look. I am sorry for your loss.

— End quote

Aw heck, that’s okay. I was just not expecting it and it took me by surprise. It’s been over 20 years ago.

i would love to buy one as well , how do you purchase it just clicking on the link also anyone have any ideal what the shipping would be to ontario canada. just wondered. marlene