I forgot to add magnets to my order. I don’t want to pay $5 shipping for some lousy magnets!!! Anyone have any or willing to add some magnets to your order for me? I will pay for the magnets of course and they can be sent in a regular envelope with a regular stamp. Anyone???

You can buy them at Hobby Lobby… Ace Hardware…

— Begin quote from “pia”

You can buy them at Hobby Lobby… Ace Hardware…

— End quote

the same teeny tiny ones??? I had no idea!!! and i didn’t think to look at Joann’s!! I have some coming fromsomeone, but now i know for next time!!!

You can also buy them from Michael’s.

so i did get some from a wonderful member of the forum. Thanks so much!!! And i picked some up from Joann’s. They are bigger but not nearly as strong. they wouldn’t hold the binky in Maybe you guys found something different??

thanks! I will look for those! Those are NOT what i found. mine don’t work