“Delete Please!” Going to start a new thread. Updated new items too Etsy shop Clearance Crochet items


I have some now I do not have photos of so going to try and get them just laid out and photographed sorta quick nothing staged or fancy. So hopping to do that over next few days. Happy to wait on your order if you want to see…ohnand these are set aside for you.


Ok great - thank you :slight_smile:


I will be adding new items later, stay tuned :wink:


Computer glitch sorry, I am writing prices on them now






Pricilla was a lot of help today lol. That is all I had time to photograph today. Still have more to photograph and post in a day or two. Depending on how crazy my weekend gets :wink:. Thank you ladies for all your support


Oops I forgot 2 bonnets hold on lol




Sailboat hat is sold along with the black bonnet😊


That Black Bonnet is awesome!


Thank you so much @Anne