“Delete Please!” Going to start a new thread. Updated new items too Etsy shop Clearance Crochet items




Ok is it ok to post here or message u ? I want these three things so far lol -but I don’t wanna be finished yet lol :joy:


Here is great :+1:








I am off to bed so I will more tomorrow and I will contact anyone who would like any of the items tom. Have a great night





I’m off to bed. It’s late lol


Dang did I miss the bunny ear hat?


I think that was actually just showing how u could use that tieback she has a price on (not positive)


@Kate It was just showing the tiebacks, lol, I thought the same thing! That bunny hat is amazing


I have these set aside for you.


Good morning :blush:, I have these 3 items set aside for you.




Can you add this to mine please? :heart_eyes:
And I’m getting your package in the mail first thing tomorrow.


Absolutely and I will have yours in the mail tom too :blush:


Ok add these three two please :slight_smile: will u be adding more lol ?