“Delete Please!” Going to start a new thread. Updated new items too Etsy shop Clearance Crochet items


FRTSo I have finally decided to just go ahead and sell all my Etsy shop inventory at a substantial discount. Of course I wanted to offer it all to you ladies first☺️. I only have 1 of each item unless the photo has a note stating otherwise. Also everything is newborn size unless it is marked otherwise. The discounted price is on the photo below my crossed out original shop cost. I can calculate shipping after you decide what you would like with your zip code. And as usual first come first serve😉. I still have sooo much more to post. But here is a start.
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Do you have pictures?? Or am I in the wrong place??


Uploading in just a minute lol sorry for the delay.


First I am going to post these hair clips. It is clip only no headbands available. It is a metal clip on the back. They are $3.50 apiece the pics with the little girl in the peach one is to give you an idea of average size


No Problem, just thought it might be me or my computer!! LOL


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