No tellling how many needles i broke on these two hardheads.


Ugh. I bought them in the half off sale… and now that I have the kits here I have no desire to paint them… or root. :frowning:


I just don’t get them being twins. I love the one that is Julia but will have to work on Tristan. I made these to keep in a toddler display.


I love their little faces! My first reaction to them was a smile!


don’t you use a heat lamp? I have one I bought cheap on Amazon, and use the 25 watt little light bulbs,works really well to soften the big German heads. I think they sell them for salt lamps,but my husband modified the base of it,so the head sits on it well. you will find it much easier to root


Thank you.


No I have never used a heat lamp. I don’t know why I haven’t tried it. I could buy one with the amount of needles I broke. I do have one that I could probably use that came off a small lamp but am not sure how I would keep it from falling in the head or falling out the head.


my husband used that black electrical tape on the base, and they set on it well. We keep our house cold, summer and winter, so it really helps with softening the heads. For years I propped them on top of a reg lamp, aside of where I root, but the new energy effecient light bulbs don’t throw heat, so the little light works great. I thik I paid under 15.00 on Amazon, it isn’t much, but worth its weight in gold. I usually am rooting a few heads at once, so just rotate, them on the lamp… about 10 mins max and they are nice and soft


Thank you, I will give it a try.


That save a lot of time nuking socks of rice. I did see where a lady on here melted the side of a Newborn I think it was head. I have a salt lamp but I am so scared of it shifting as I work and melting my baby.


I had a casuality, ruined a Boelle head that way. it tipped over and I was in the other room, came in and she had a hole right thru the neck (of course it happened AFTER she was almost done being rooted) lesson learned, you have to turn them OFF when not watching, who knew? eye roll
that sock thing sounded like a mess to me, never used that one, but these do work well


Maybe it was your experience I am remembering…I may experiment with mine and see how solidly I can make it work in my heads using some electrical tape when I get back home. Especially when I do my first German vinyl baby!


Aw they are so sweet!


Their personalities have really come through in your painting. :heart:


Thank you. I can’t wait to get them finished and dressed.


They are absolutely gorgeous. The teeth look so real and the hair is beautiful. BTW I can now root 2 or 3 heads without breaking a needle and I totally credit the heat lamp.


I use a sock filled with rice that I heat in the microwave and put in the head to warm it. I have to put about 1/4of a cup of water in a coffee cup with it because I have caught the rice on fire while heating it. Now THAT stinks!


Yep, that is exactly what I do too. I do get lazy and let the rice get cold and keep on rooting.


They are adorable, Patty!


I bought one and used it once…burned some of the hair that was inside the head.ive been too scared to use it again