Deeply depressed

I had to sell these babies for their starting bids of $99! I lost money because I was trying to keep them low to encourage bids. PLEASE tell me if you see something I should do differently. I haven’t listed on Ebay since June but I sold babies before that I don’t think I even did as well as these, for more money. I AM SO DEPRESSED! … K:MESOX:IT … K:MESOX:IT

I think your babies are really cute, but I agree with Susan…I would like to see more pics and bigger pics…and your auctions are really, really busy…I think if you put your baby on a solid color blanket, or back ground it would show up your baby more…instead of your eyes trying to be everywhere at the same time

Thanks for your input. I am not good a photography and I was rushed for time on these two. It was raining and I couldn’t take them outside so I guess the flash and day lamps really washed them out. Looks like I’ll have to try something besides Auctiva for pix and try something more with taking the photos.

Everyone is right, the pictures will make or break a sale, but also remember the terrible economy we’re in right now. Your babies are sweet.

Thanks again for the additional comments. I know the economy is bad but they had so many watchers I thought they would at least go up a little bit! I did have Christopher in what I thought were two very cute outfits. I thought the Pooh quilt in the back would be cute but I guess I over-Poohed!

I have had this happen several times where I paid people to take my dolls! I was doing the .99 cent no reserve auctions and after losing big money on several I decided the only way I will do those anymore is if it is a reborn that for one reason or another I do not love and would not rather keep or is one that has been listed several times and will not sell and I am tired of looking at it and the kit was cheap to start with! LOL!! I used a reserve for my first time on my twins who are listed and so far the reserve has not been met but they end later tonight so I will see I guess! Good look and try not to be too discouraged. I think it has happened to most of us at least once! I also agree with the pics. I HATE clicking on the pics to enlarge and usually just exit the auction.

Thanks, I have photobucket but always just used the Auctiva photos. I never realized that the supersized images were not user friendly. I never noticed any trouble on my computer but I didn’t realize it would be frustrating for others. I will definately try different photo techniques and hosting. I had sold successfully in the past with the methods I was using but I guess I have to get more competitive now. Watch out everybody!

Thanks to everyone for their great suggestions.

Re: “Good luck on your next auction and if I may suggest, show us the pics first on the BB chat where lots of people look and I am sure you get some great input before you list the baby.” angelnewbornsnursery

I did put them in the Showcase and all the comments were positive! That’s another reason I thought they would do better. Thanks.

I agree about the picture sizes. Good advise about taking 200 different pictures and then choose the best. I would get an auction template. I know as an artist and a collector that when you are going to lay down some serious money you want to buy something that looks like it’s really nice and the whole process of selling the doll needs to look your best. So take some time practice taking pictures. Outfits are important.
I also like to see more of the babies full face then I know what I’m getting, it makes me nuts when I am looking at a doll from all these side shots and never really see the face straight on. It makes me think the artist is trying to hide something. Your babies are cute.

One really important thing. Start the bid at .99 and have a reserve you can live with, that way you aren’t giving away your baby and you are creating interest. This seems to work for me really well.

Good Luck,

Look on the bright side…At least you got very good feedback for these babies and that looks great for any future sales! Just dont start any other bids at a price you arent willing to live with. BOL!

Thanks. I guess because I hadn’t sold any dolls since July maybe they didn’t look for my previous feedback, it was always positive. But I used to make more on dolls that I don’t think I did as well as these. I have finally figured out how to use the template and we’ll see how my latest baby does and then I’ll redo the other two I have left.

I would not offer free shipping when you start off that low. I always start my bid at what I could live with if they only got one bid. They are adorable babies!

so am I today for sure-
I have so much stuff-took pictures with my digital
camera, put on my desktop computer-
Had read in ebay help to have ebay give you
your first picture free, and then get rest from
I am going crazy trying to upload them.
I only have eighteen pictures, and cannot get
them from Windows picure and Fax Views to
photobucket. And cannot find answer.
I don’t know what they want me to do.
Please help.

You have to know where your files are on the computer. When you go to Photobucket, click on “bulk upload” (below the big blue “upload photos” button.) Then you have to look on the file list to the left and click on the folder with your photos in it. Hold down the shift key and highlight all your photos. Make sure you have selected the size photos you want at the bottom of the upload photos dialogue box. Then click upload.

Hope this helps! It took me a while to get it all figured out too.

well i sure dont’ blame you. i would be depressed too. but especially on the honey kit. she is beautifully reborned and you basically gave her away . i’m with the one that said try to let it please you that it got a good home and don’t make this mistake again. your skills are wonderful. so don’t sell for less than you are willing and prepared to take of only a couple of people bid. god bless you all,vesta