DecoArt Premium paints?


First of all, Im not switching paints, I love my Golden but this may be a better lower cost alternative for someone else. Maybe this is old news but its the first I have seen. I noticed that DecoArt paints now has a premium, artist grade, paint.
Does anyone know anything about them?


I’ve never seen those before. Interesting. I know artist loft has come out with a series 3 heavy body now also that are cheaper then golden and liquitex. I don’t know if it comes in soft body/fluids though. I’ve used the artist loft on canvas and it’s nice.


There is someone on our Forum that does testing. I don’t remember who it it, sorry. But hopefully she will test these new paints for us. @jlesser who is that that tests. My memory is horrible.


Maybe Angie… my phone won’t bring her name up… lil dumplin nursery I think


Yes! @anjsmiles


I just got home. Thanks for tagging her @Anne and realize why I couldnt… I forgot her forum name is not her name or her nursery :wink: lol


I doubt these paints have as much pigment as the bigger name brands but it is certainly a step up from the craft paints.