Deal of the day

…is a good deal, considering what it would cost to do it yourself, but I’m so happy I got in on the $14.95 deal, I got one of each…what a deal they were…my grandchildren are going to be so happy come Christmas!

P.S. Where is everybody, I don’t see very many new posts? Have you noticed?


Marlene I dont want to bring up bad memories but we paid $29.95 for them.
My 22 yo son wants to buy one of mine for his girlfriend but is too cheap to give me the $40 it cost after shipping.

I think we are supporting the post office too much but I love my monkeys.


OOPS!! Having a Senior moment! Boy that would have really been a good deal!

We still got a really good deal on them…but I don’t feel quite as cocky! LOL…

Thanks for correcting me!


Does anyone know what these are painted with and if we could enhance them with another paint over the top?