"deal of the day" video?

Does anyone own the “deal of the day” video and if so is it worth buying? Thanks

I bought the video when it first came out and paid I think like $39.95 for it. I have been reborning for several years and still got a few pointers from it. I think that it is a “GREAT” video for newbies. It covers everything in the aspects of reborning. It starts with a blank Paisley and ends up with her dressing her finished baby. I think of all the videos out there this is the most complete one (I have all the secrist videos and almost every book on reborning available) I wanted to be the most informed I could be. For $9.95 I think it is an excellent investment!!!
Just for information…it does not include anything on sculpting a baby.

I’m getting it for my niece. It walked me through my first baby beginning to end. I think more experienced reborners will know everything already. I found it very useful and watched it a lot. It’s got a chapter menu too which is convenient. Now that I’ve learned a little I just wish it had a chapter on mottling but it doesn’t. It does cover pretty much everything else. Doesn’t tell about rice socks or how to choose rooting needles but gives a basic instruction on rooting. It’s really great for a beginner. Shows veining, blushing etc.

ps There isn’t any sculpting on this video.