Darren on eBay


Thanks for looking! x


He’s adorable!


He is absolute perfection! What a stunning little boy, I adore how you reborn him!
May I ask where you got the little chair he’s sitting in for his photos? I’ve been looking for one.


He’s beautiful! BOL!


Here you go ~ https://littleprop.com/posing-pod/


So beautiful!!


They also have those on Wish. I ordered one last week and am waiting for it to arrive. It was waaay cheaper than the official one ($20 including shipping) but I can’t vouch for the quality until it arrives.
@Onesleepingangel he’s perfect! I love your photos too, they’re awesome!


He’s gorgeous! Congratulations on the sale!


I have seen those made with a bucket and foam, then covered. :wink:

@Onesleepingangel gorgeous Darren and congratulations!!!


@Onesleepingangel Your Darren is amazing! I’m not surprised he sold quickly. I saw your auction and was pretty tempted by him myself, but I already have a Darren in the works. I have a Crystal made by you and absolutely love her! Real Crystal is counting down the days until I give her the Crystal reborn. She asked if she could have her when she first came, and I jokingly said Crystal could be hers when she is 50 years old. Even though that was a couple of years ago, she keeps reminding me that reborn Crystal is hers when she turns 50 LOL. I did get a more child friendly Crystal made for her, but she likes yours so much better!



What did you find that listed under on WISH? Thanks,


I think I searched for “newborn photo props”. The long convoluted name they have for it is “Newborn Baby Photo Props Small Sofa Seat Without Cushion for Boys Girls Photography Shoot Aid Christmas Gift” lol. There are several colors and textures to choose from.


Thank you.


Here’s the one I got off Wish, modeled by preemie Rosa Wegerich. It’s definitely not near the quality of the real deal, but it’s worth the $13 and I think will make some nice photos, especially for preemie and newborn babies.