Darn steps!


Fell coming out of the Dr. Today. Fell down about 10 steps hitting my back on each one. I’m alright I’m just going to be hurting awhile. Got my heating pad on full blast and my cat snuggled up so I’m good. GREAT start to the week… :roll_eyes: How is everyone else?!


so sorry to hear that i hope its not serious.
My brain is fried today … not much sleep last night.


Its not terribly bad. Just a lot of pain. No bruising or swelling. If it gets any worse I will have it checked out. :slight_smile: more than likely I’m over doing it I think I’m dying when I get a paper cut! I’m just annoyed with myself for not paying attention I was too busy looking at this baby I saw.


lol that sounds like something i would be doing too … not that you falling and getting hurt is funny.
I am always looking at babies and the details they have.


Yeah :heart: I honestly thought he was a doll at first super tiny! Headfull of black hair too! Thought to myself he would make an adorable kit!


only a reborner would understand that lol.


Haha! Yes. :slight_smile:


Hope your not hurting bad and hope you don’t discover broken bones.


Oh I’m definitely hurting! That is for sure. Never thought of broken bones. I figured if I could walk I’m fine. Maybe I should get checked out…


You will be hurting tomorrow, that’s how it goes! Fell better, take care of yourself!


Oh no! Hope you heal fast and feel better soon!


Oh no! I hope you feel better soon.


Oh my- glad that you were not seriously injured. I hope you recover quickly. I had a bad fall down some stairs and landed on a concrete patio a few years ago. It was scary and I did not even realize that I had hit my head until the next day. Be careful about that.


I’m so sorry that happened to you. Feel better soon.


Thank you sweet ladies! :heart: I am not hurting as much but I did take some Advil. We shall see what the next few days bring. (((Hugs)))


Oh no! Get well soon :slight_smile: I’m fine, thanks…all except these allergies are kicking my bee-hind :slight_smile: