Daisy by Bonnie Brown

Has anyone reborned this preemie and if so will her legs work with a 3/4 arm- full leg body?


I am currently working on Daisy and I am planning to put her on Chelle’s body.

Is it the 3/4 arm and full leg for a 16" baby? Or is that going to look dis-proportioned?


Judy -

I just put her head and limbs up to the body and took a quick picture which I will attach here. It is Chelle’s 3/4 arm and full leg body but can be used is the “thighs” are a bit longer on the 3/4 legs. It is the 14" - 16" size pattern.

Hope this helps!


Here goes:

[attachment=0]'s Body.jpg[/attachment]

Thank you for doing that for me Carmen. If I get this order that is the body I am going to use.



She looks great in this size and style body! I am glad I could help…

I agree Carmen, thankyou!
It has taken a lot of guess work and time out of the equation for me! I love Daisy! I would do her over and over. But, then I just love Bonnie’s sculpts…especially the littler ones.