Daisy as a werepup (slightly pic heavy)


She was born last night at 10:46 pm… she weighs roughly 4lbs and is 20 inches long. The process was long and grueling at times but so worth it in the end… I just love her…I use golden fluid airdry paints and she is rooted with a mixture of hp baby locks and ruby red mohair… the pictures aren’t the greatest, they were taken with my phone, now to find her a home that will love her as much as I do… introducing daisy


Love her! You did an awesome job.


So creative great job!


How sweet!


What an awesome idea you are so creative!!!


So creative! Great job!


I need to make one she is so cute!


Did you add anything to her face to change the sculpt? I don’t remember her cheeks and chin area being that big lol. I have a daisy kit and would love to see her like this. You did a great job!


I sure didn’t add anything to her, I did some shading in her creases and made her fangs but other that no alterations were made, shes just a perfect sculpt for this I think lol… thank you so much…


Thanks everyone…