Cute kodak moment

a freind of mine recently asked me if i could do a doll for a three year old well we all know what that means lol but i did have some parts that i wasnt going to use and put together a child friendly doll. just stuffing no weight and put it together as best as possible the hair was about the same color as the little girls and she came out adorable. her mom sent me this pic which i had to share with you all i think she liked the baby.
the little girls name is aiva-marie , but she hasnt names her baby yet. enjoy. marlene

that is so sweet brings tears to my eyes and makes me want to work on a baby right now-not that I am not doing a baby right now lol

cute pic!

LOL kids can be rough on the dolls. I gave our 6 yr old grand daughter one for her birthday in March. Mom says she never puts her down, takes her to bed, the store, etc. So Sun when they came to visit we had a repair session. Had to take her head off, change some of the stuffing that had gotten flattened, sew a seam around the neck, and put her head back on. Then use the heat gun to put a couple layers of paint on her face. Seems she had somehow rubbed babies nose on something and actually rubbed a round mark on her nose. I conditioned her hair and she looked a lot better when she left. BUT I knew this would be happening with a 6yr old mommy.LOL

What an adorable picture!

How sweet is that? Both are cuties!

Louiesmom, I adore your triplets! They are cute.

That is such an awesome picture. They are both adorable.

  Hugs Tina