Customer want me to ship at an other adress than the one on paypal


Is it safe to do that ? I just sold a doll on I am not sure about what to do ?


I only ship to the registered PayPal address, no exceptions. If this is a problem, the buyer can get a refund and move along.


You can have them to change address on PayPal.You will probably have to refund, then they change address and pay again.That’s the only way you have PayPal protection is by shipping to the address listed with them.


I would do what Mary Jane said because you are not covered if you ship to a different address. All they have to do is add the address into their addresses on PP, then repay, choosing the right address. It could be a nice customer who just wants to send a gift, or a scammer who will claim not received and get a refund.


Thank you ! She said the adress in her account is her husband office. I will contact her and see what she want to do


Just make sure you ship to address on the paypal account and get a signature confirmation showing it was signed for so she can’t say it never arrived.


As others said. Just in case she does not understand, explain to her that you will refund, and she has to process the payment again. All she needs to do as she goes through the checkout, to click on the EDIT link next to her address and give the address she wants it to go to. You could also mention to check next time she makes a payment, that it did not get changed permanently. You can have several gift addresses recorded there.

I once sold a doll and her eyelash fell off. The buyer was happy to fix it herself if I send her some lashes, and as i did not have any, i bought some and had them shipped directly to her, registering her address as one gift address with PP. Except then I bought something small and did not notice her address is there as the postal address. Did not realize until weeks later when asking the seller why is my item sent within the same city taking so long and she said, we are not in the same city, you are in Queensland, and I said , no I am not… LOL well my doll buyer got an extra little present.


She is ok to have it ship to the adress on paypal, so it’s fine. Next time something like this happen, I will know what to do !
Thank you all !