Has anyone heard anything about Kim from It’s almost as if she just fell off the face of the earth. She is not answering emails, phone, FB nothing. I’m really worried about her.


Its funny I just mentioned this to my husband last night when we were out walking the dogs. Even though I use acrylics I relied heavily on her videos to teach me to Reborn when I first started.


I have felt the same way for some time now. A good while, actually. I even placed an order from her for something she told about on one of her videos. I never heard from her. I never got anything. I just don’t think she is the kind of person to just ignore everyone. She seemed to really enjoy doing the videos and teaching also. She was really good. Hope we do hear something soon to let us know she is fine.


I was having the same though yesterday as I was learning from her ‘Reborn With Me’ and noticing that they were posted 3 years ago. It seems that her latest youtube posts dated ‘1 years ago’ when she had her baby in 2017. May be she is busy with her baby Joshua.


I hope motherhood has kept her busy!! Her videos were so helpful to all of us reborners!


I’m really worried about her. Her last video said she was back part time in 2017. Her last post on fb was January 2018 wishing her mom a happy birthday. Then nothing for over a year. That is so not like her…this worries me.


I’m worried about her too…I know she had her son and she’s just not around at all. Miss her :slight_smile:


Yes, and in the video where she introduced her precious son to us, she was talking about her plans to be back. I guess that is one drawback of the internet. We don’t always know how to get in contact with someone so we can ask if everything is OK. We do have the contact info from before, but as I have posted previously, I ordered an item from her and never heard from her.


I was just reviewing one of her videos yesterday and wondering about her. @Kim_CustomDollBaby where are you? Let us know you are ok :two_hearts:


I was thinking the same thing. I hope and pray she is ok


I also was wondering the same. She is such a sweet person. Let’s pray that everything is okay with her and her family.