Custom rooting tool I made

I made this rooting tool today with InstaMorph Moldable Plastic. You heat the pellets in hot water until they turn clear. Then you take them out with tongs and mold them around the needle however you want. I like it because I can make it any length, width or depth that I want and it fits my hand perfectly. I made one with finger grips that would be good for forked needles. I put it low on the needle shaft, just above where it flattens out. When the plastic cools, it’s very hard (it can even be drilled) and makes the needle much stronger.


What a cool idea!

I did this because I bought some of the pink dipped needles that I really like and they don’t fit in my rooting pen. It hurts my hands and wrists to root with just the needle. This was one of those ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ ideas.


That is awesome! I might try this with paperclay…

I do this exact same thing - many years ago Melissa George sold needles that were encased for easier gripping. But, if the needle broke the whole thing was useless. So, I saw this moldable plastic on Amazon and began making my own holders. Isn’t this stuff comfortable to root with? Stops finger cramps!


So, if needle get broken you can dissolve the handle and mold a new one with a new needle?

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@YelenaRey, I break lots of needles. It would probably be too much trouble for me but this is a cool idea.

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Wow what a great idea thank you so much for sharing

Great idea! Thanks for sharing.

Anyone have mohair breaking off when rooting? Could it be the type of mohair and rooting needle used? I use a 42g forked rooting needle.

I think you put it in hot water take the needle out replace remold and cool. I bought this at Rose.


That’s exactly right. You can re-use it multiple times. I bought mine on Amazon. With my rooting pen, the needle sticks out about an inch which leaves a lot of room for it to bend. With the one I made, just the flat part, about 1/2 an inch, sticks out so it makes the needle shaft stronger.


What kind of mohair are you using?

I bought the mohair from a supplier. The mohair is from an angora goat and it is fine.

Yep - reheat the plastic in hot water and remove the broken needle and reshape in on a fresh one. I break way less needles like this. Plus, you can add as much plastic as you want…for a thin grip or a thicker one.

@Evee, I think what Jean meant was: What supplier did you use, all mohair comes from angora goats. She just wanted their name. sorry for butting in but thought maybe you misunderstood the question.

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Oh I see. @jeanhai I did misunderstand. I got it from a supplier on Etsy. I just don’t want to give out supplier name because it could have been the user not the supplier

That’s true, but we might be able to determine if it’s high quality mohair if we knew the supplier and if it’s kid, yearling or adult mohair.

I sent you a pm.

Great idea! Where do you get the plastic?