Custom reborns?

hey ya’ll i need someone to do me a custom reborn fast and cheap. any good artist on her that would do one for $200 or less

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What kit? Would you supply it? What other specs-ethnicity eyes, hair, etc.? Does it have to be done with heat set paints? Is it for you?

What do you mean by fast? It takes me about 5 days to a week to make reborn, and that is if I paint the hair. To root hair takes ages, at least couple of weeks working couple of hours a day; some people can root all day, but most find it tiring and after while it hurts the hand.

Cost will depend on the kit you choose, what eyes you want etc, I think you will find that asking for custom for under $200 in hurry is not going to work.

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Are you supplying the kit? and materials? Beware any really good artist is not going to make a reborn for under 200.00 and supply material!


@jeanhai it is for me and i will get back to you on the rest

@ludmila fast would be like 1 month. a month and a half at most. what do you think.

i could supply the kit @handy_denise

Do you want sleeping or awake? Will you provide eyes and mohair?

@jeanhai i will get back to you

i think i got someone thank you