Custom micro preemie

Last night Amber and I recieved a request for a custom micro preemie. Melissa would like someone to make her a reborn to represent her 25 week gestation baby girl, Brianna. She was 11 3/4 inches long and 1 lb. 4 oz.

We explained that we would be happy to do it for her, but because we are still new at reborning, it might not turn out as good as if it was done by someone with more expierence.

We told her that we would be happy to provide her with contact information of others who have more experience with reborning. If you are interested in creating a REALISTIC micro preemie for her, please let us know.

Hi, I have done 3 micro preemies, you can see on in my siggy Chloe. You can give her my info if you want.

I have micro preemie Jack and Quinn by Tamie Yarie on preorder. They are both adorable. Has she seen them?
I am working on twins Samiah and Max who are 15". Hoping to get Quinn with about the same tine as my last Samiah.Here are some pictures of one I did, if you want to pass them along. I love the preemies!